From Workshop Participants

“Excellent, substantive, very practical, useable material including real-world examples. Shows years of experience working with groups.”
“Best training I’ve ever taken. The skills and techniques we learned can be used in every aspect of a person’s life to work toward collaboration.”
“This workshop can help transform leadership.”

From Book Readers

“Donna's book takes a very nebulous and difficult activity and makes it accessible. She provides the right amount of scaffolding to help readers gain the knowledge and practice necessary to be successful.”
“I walked in the door after Donna Ching’s workshop, and handed the book over to my husband, a manager at a large organization, encouraging him to read it. The book has so many practical tips for improving team outcomes!”
“The book is full of great examples and, like the workshop, has a great balance of lessons, practice, visuals, etc.”

From Consulting Clients

“The content of Donna’s program, coupled with her deliver style, made our learning fun and very meaningful. She put into motion the process for all of us to open our minds to realize new possibilities!”
“Donna conducted the facilitation in a masterful way, even during the last difficult two hours: in the middle of the after-lunch energy drop, at the end of a long day, discussing a topic brimming with strong, opposing opinions.”